The Twenty Story High

by Bodice

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Bodice recorded this album in several different spaces including a family cottage, a church out in the middle of nowhere, and a beautiful barn.

Steve Lavery - Keys, Vocals
Mackenzie Jordan - Vocals, Guitar
Mark Sanders - Bass, Vocals
Aaron Hernandez - Drums

Thanks to the musicians/friends!
Joe Tavella, Lisa Fritsch, Claryssa Webb, Alyson McNamara, Meg Contini, Thomas Moffett, Julian Nalli, Nathan Dell-Vandenberg


released February 14, 2014

Engineered by Myles Pineau, Mackenzie Jordan
Mixed by Sam Ibbett, except Watch Your Back and Every Notion mixed by Mackenzie Jordan
Additional mixing on Til Dawn and Before They Take You Away by Mackenzie
Mastered by Reuben Ghose

Produced by Bodice, 2014



all rights reserved


Bodice Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Waiting For You
Every year goes faster by, can't remember nothing special about it
Could it be 'cause everyone's in a hurry to get to nowhere
I don't want to be let down, no I'm just like all the rest of ya's
But I don't see why people get down on me while I'm just waiting for you

Yeah I'm just waiting for you

It's around all the time. You could see if you were looking
Take a break from your mind. Leave it all to everybody
If you're waiting on a sign, isn't this one as good as any
When you want to turn it down, you can bet that I'll be waiting for you

Yeah I'll be waiting for you
Track Name: The Twenty Story High
Time is on my side
I feel I'm on the rise
And you've been on my mind
The way you look so kind

Maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself
I take these things too far sometimes
Give it a chance and I know you'd find
The twenty story high's alright

Far beneath my skin
Fear was taking hold
But since I let you in
It's a love I've never known
Track Name: Watch Your Back
I like the story, the way you tell it
You get me hangin' on your every word
You better let your heart, let your heart show pretty baby
Could tell me you love me
If you mean it... or not at all

You know he showed me the songs he'd written
They were about you half of the time
You might watch your back, watch your back little darlin
He'll tell you he loves you
And you'll believe it... for a while

So I was thinkin' if you let me
I'd take you out for the night
You might see my side, see my side little baby
And you could take it
Or you could leave it... I don't mind

Tell me again and again, I'm here to listen
Though it seems you only need to tell yourself
Over and over again that nothing's missing
But I hope it won't be of much help
Track Name: Song For Ben
I'll fix the leaks on the ceiling above your bed
You'll draw the blinds and let the sunshine in
You'll move along through the haze and through the fog
Through the summer, winter, fall
I know it
I'll take a shower and clean myself up for good

I'm a man of few words, I stick with the herd
I know not to stray far from the flock
I take things as I see them
Most of the time
I wanna say it's great to be here again

I know you meant what you said
But then I lost your number
Just think how sweet it might have been
Had we known each other
But it's not enough to know you know
It's not enough to know you know

It's not enough to know you know
Where I'm going and where I'm at
Maybe I'll call you when I get back from the road
I wanna say it's great to be leaving again
Track Name: Might Be Wrong
You never look at me that way
Baby why don't you say what's really on your mind
Do you ever feel you might be wrong
Baby why can't I see you

Do you ever feel you might be wrong
Baby why... I'm gonna die...
If I can't see you then I might as well be blind
Track Name: Before They Take You Away
Waking blind, pulled from deep sleep
They tell me I may have died inside that dream
I may have seen a light
I may have died it seems

There's something you gotta know before they take you away
You gotta take it slow if you wanna stay in the game
There's something you gotta know before they take you away

Close my eyes so I can't see you
Already heard enough, or more than I wanted to
But now I've seen a light
And I can't escape this dream
Track Name: Clock Television
Everyone is on my case
Get on your own and you might find a taste of love... love...

I never asked for none of this
But I got hooked when first we kissed

oh love... love...

I could have died right there on the floor
But you had the nerve to come back for more of my love... love...
Track Name: Every Notion
I try to satisfy my every notion
I'll cling to anything to get me through
You've got to feel your way through every motion
I try to keep myself in time with you

I've been trying everything
But still I fall apart
You've nearly broken all of me
But you'll never break my heart
You'll never see the sun come up
You'll never see the light
You'll never realize the day
You'll never feel the knife

Baby why... oh no...
Do you feel you might be wrong